What are the Signs of a Failing Hot Water heater?

A water heater is integral to the comfort of many homeowners, utilizing various elements to heat water. A malfunctioning water heater is unable to perform this function. Though stories of units going kaput all of a sudden without any warning aren’t unheard of, they are rare. In most cases, a distressed water heater sends several signals that it is in dire need of help.

Here are some telltale signs of a failing water heater.

  • Discolored Water

    If water from your water heater looks muddy or gritty, there is a high possibility that the anode rod has corroded and is no longer capable of protecting the tank from rusting. If you have this problem, replace your anode rod immediately. If you fail to address the problem in a timely fashion, things may take a turn for the worse, and you may have to prematurely replace the entire heater.

  • Weird Sounds

    Water heaters are designed to operate noiselessly. If your water heater is producing strange (popping or rumbling)sounds, you may have a serious repair issue on your hands. In many cases, these sounds are created when air gets trapped within the mineral deposits or other sediments. To steer clear of expensive repairs, periodically flush your heater.

  • Tank Leaks

    Many homeowners with a leaking tank rush to the conclusion that their heater is beyond repair. Though leaks can be a sign that you need a new heater, it is not the case every time. If the tank of your water heater is leaking in multiple places, ask a water heater repair professional in Sandy Springs to check the drain valve. If the drain valve is in working condition, you may have to consider a water heater replacement in Sandy Springs.

  • Unusual Smell

    Does water from your water heater smell like rotten eggs? If yes, there is a chance that your heater is developing corrosion on the inside. To prevent the progression of the problem, clean your tank or replace the anode. If the problem persists, consult a water heater installation expert in Sandy Springs.

  • Insufficient Hot Water

    When a water heating unit nears the end of its service life or develops a major problem, its ability to provide on-demand sufficiently heated water takes a hit. Many old systems or the ones that haven’t been maintained for a long time have a layer of sediment that accumulates over time. This layer blocks the space meant to be occupied by the water. Additionally, the sediment creates a barrier preventing the heat from reaching the water. To prevent this from happening, flush your tank annually.

Living with a malfunctioning water heater can be a traumatizing experience. At Fletch Barney, we are committed to helping our community members avoid plumbing nightmares. We offer cost-effective and sustainable plumbing solutions. No matter how complex your plumbing system, our experts will come up with a solution to your plumbing woes. To discuss your plumbing project, call us at 770-333-3031.

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