The New Year is finally here and many of you are ready to make some serious changes. You may find yourself looking around your home thinking it’s time for a bathroom or kitchen upgrade. But, it definitely isn’t as easy as HGTV or Pinterest make it look. Here are a few things to consider before taking the leap…

  1. Be sure you know what brand the faucet trims are that you currently have in your house. Sometimes simply changing from a brass fixture to an Oiled bronze can seem simple but, it can be a little complex. For example, if you currently have a Delta faucet trim on your kitchen sink, changing it to a Moen probably won’t work without changing the entire faucet. So be aware of brands when you’re shopping!
  2. New toilets are a great upgrade! If you currently have toilets made prior to 1991 you may seriously want to consider updating those! The new toilets are 1.28 gallon capacity flush versus the 3 gallon….not only will they look good, but will save HUNDREDS of DOLLARS on your water bill each year! And who doesn’t love saving money!?
  3. Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming more and more popular! Although this is a more costly upgrade, the benefits outweigh the cost! These new water heaters give your home endless hot water, reduces energy costs, has a longer life time and, last but not least a little, they are smaller than the older, bulkier, inefficient water heaters.

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