Drains are one of the most overlooked things in your house! You don’t even think to clean them or keep up with maintenance, until you have a problem! Clogged or inefficient drains can be one of the most annoying plumbing problems! Here are some tips to keep your drains working efficiently:

  • To avoid unwanted build-up you can make a DIY drain cleaning solution! Pour 1 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar down your drain (it’s like an awesome at science experiment volcano…but for DIY drain cleaning!)
  • Use drain strainers for bathtubs and showers to avoid excessive amounts of hair clogging your drains
  • Keep oils out of your drain!! This includes hot cooking grease, people! Over time, this grease can build up and cause some serious blockage in your pipes. Let it cool then throw it in the trash.

WARNING: If you put harsh chemicals down your drain and it still does not unstop your drain, call a plumber! But, let them know what you have previously poured down your drain. Some of these chemicals can be very harmful to the plumber if they are unaware.

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