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Fletch-Barney offers superior plumbing services, specializing in drain cleaning in Johns Creek. A clogged drain does more than drag down a property’s aesthetic appeal. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for different types of harmful microbes. As a top plumbing company in Johns Creek, we are committed to contributing to a healthy community. No matter your location in Johns Creek, if you have a clogged/malfunctioning drain, we will have a solution.

Many homeowners prefer taking the DIY route as opposed to using drain cleaning services in Johns Creek. Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning drains is not as easy as 1-2-3. Drains are smelly and may contain toxic gases. Our drain cleaning experts are well-aware of the risks involved in drain cleaning. When working on a drain cleaning project, our professionals use safety gear and specially designed tools that can reach hard-to-access areas.

We offer superior drain and sewer repair services in Johns Creek. Our sewer repair technicians know the anatomy of different sewer systems like the backs of their hands. It is this knowledge that helps us maintain a short turnaround time. We use non-toxic chemicals for drain cleaning that feature special formulas to help get rid of stubborn blockages. The chemicals we use do not emit toxic fumes or leave harmful residue.

Sewer installation projects in Johns Creek are some of the most complex and involved plumbing projects. When planning the project, the team handling the project must take every factor at play into consideration. At Fletch-Barney, we plan our projects to the last detail. Before starting to work on a sewer installation project, our team visits the customer’s location to develop a clear understanding of the challenges involved.

Once we get the answers to all of their questions, we assess the best ways to tackle any challenges the project may present. After coming up with an action plan that ticks all the right boxes, our team gets to work. It is this professional approach that helps us cater to diverse needs.

When it comes to avoiding drainage issues, the importance of getting your sewer system inspected regularly cannot be emphasized enough. Our experts offer preventive services. When inspecting a sewer, these professionals watch out for leakage and other issues and fix them before they snowball into major concerns.

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